1967 Fender Telecaster in cream with rosewood fingerboard. Single pickup, wired as an Esquire.

Rotosound 10-50 strings.

1972 Gretsch Shobro Resonator

Rotosound 12-54  phospher bronze strings.

1964 Levin LM-26

Rotosound 12-54 phospher bronze strings.

Paul Hathway M1 Mandolin

Jim Dunlop tortex picks (yellow,orange and red).

G7th/Schubb capos.

Hohner Special 20/Seydel harmonicas.

Wienbrock  ‘Des Horsfall Palomino’ rig consisting  35 watt Custom

head and 2×10 cab  in red ‘levant’ tolex.

*Des Horsfall endorses and exclusively uses Wienbrock Amplifiers*